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For more than 4 decades clients have sought out Wolfe's commercial construction contractors and experts to tackle their toughest and most challenging commercial building projects. Why? Because we're much more than typical commercial general contractors. We bring proven experience with a wide range of collaborative Delivery Methods to fit client needs and achieve project goals. We stand by our integrated and well-tested system of processes and services. And, above all, we deliver certainty for all aspects of a construction project.

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Whether new construction, renovation or conversion of existing space, Wolfe Construction has constructed more than 17,000,000 square feet of residential and mixed-use buildings for private and national developer clients.

During construction, our experienced field staff approach each daily trade contractor walk-through from the perspective of a homeowner, examining the quality and ensuring the specification of the smallest design detail.

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At Wolfe Construction we are strong supporters of the Design-Build methodology. It's easier to manage a project and money because the project is more structured. In fact, the method is proving to be one of the most effective ways in the entire industry for commercial and residential construction.

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From estimating and budgeting to suppliers/vendors and subcontractors, Wolfe Construction has become the industry leaders in delivering each unique client the perfectly blended General Contracting "Team" to get the project complete 100% of the time!

Wolfe Construction specializes in large scale commercial projects that's complexities call for seasoned professional management and accountability. Our team's vast experience in General Contracting will ensure that your project flows smoothly, communication is constant and your construction project runs on time and within budget.

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