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When it comes to Construction, People Trust the Wolfe's

Commercial construction is Wolfe's first love in the building business. "Usually the client for commercial work is a business person who needs space to rent or lease. Often, I get involved with the client who owns the property and put them together with the tenants and we design the building to house their businesses," he explains. Commercial business tends to move a little faster, he says, from the beginning of the project to the final payoff. Building private homes sometimes gets drawn out over six or eight months, getting all the finishing touches done.

Wolfe is a member of the West Virginia Home Builders Association and says, "It is a good organization. Most of the places where I have worked in the State, the better builders have been cooperative with young builders and try to help them out, instead of trying to push them out of business. That is one of the things that the Home Builders Association tries to help with. It"s an introductory sort of thing, where you meet the other people who are trying to make a living doing the same thing you do for a living."

Wolfe was born and raised in Ripley. He graduated from Ripley High School and West Virginia Tech, where he received a mechanical engineering degree. After graduation, he worked for a time for Breckenridge Associated in Lewisburg, but later returned to Ripley where he continued his construction business. "My dad was in the store business, and over the years, we built various store buildings. He and his dad did some construction work and I always liked to work with them," says Wolfe. During the summers of his school days, Wolfe took summer jobs in the construction business and laughs when he says, "It's kind of coincidental that I fell right back into what I used to do, to support the cost of schooling, after I got out of school. I do use my engineering background in house design and commercial construction."